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June 16th, 2005

07:01 pm - Reuben

Originally uploaded by dnisbet.
As always, pictures on Flickr

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07:00 pm - System

Originally uploaded by dnisbet.
As always, pictures on flickr...

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06:55 pm - an update
So exams are finished now and have been letting hair down a little and getting out to some gigs.

System of a Down played at the MEN Arena on Tuesday and then I went with Kate, Natalia, Paul and Tony to Reuben wednesday night.

Attached is the local papers review of the System gig, some flickr pics to follow

System of a Down @ M.E.N. Arena - 3 out of 5

Neal Snowdon


TICKETS prices were cheaper than average, the light show was basic and between-song banter was non-existent.

This was no-frills arena rock and the near-capacity crowd loved every pulsating minute. System don’t deal in the niceties of showbusiness.

For them it’s a case of turn up, tune up and blast it out.

The result was a solid 90-minute set that had the crowd going wild from the start and ended with grown men fighting over drumsticks lobbed into the crowd by skinbeater John Dolmayan.

Their musical stew of thrash punk, heavy metal and progressive rock means this Armenian-American four-piece serve up a sound similar to rock opera put through a crusher.

The opening blasts of BYOB and Revenga and old chestnuts like Chop Suey showed a band unafraid to change tempo and style. And the crowd loved them for it.

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June 2nd, 2005

03:05 pm
Have got a little bit of money in my pocket now so decided to go out and have a look again at the wonderfull world of legal music downloads.
Q came this morning and they now do a section on good downloads so having saw a Bjork remix featured I went out and downloaded that.. and a few others.

Steve Miller Band - Abracadabra
Funeral For a Fiend - Streetcar (First Demo Version)
Bjork - Where Is The Line (Fantomas Mix)
Bjork - Who Is It (Vitalic Mix)
The Killers - Mr Brightside (Thin White Duke Dub Mix)
Current Mood: annoyedannoyed
Current Music: Bjork - Who Is It (Vitalic Mix)

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May 30th, 2005

03:04 pm

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May 19th, 2005

04:33 pm
Kylie cancels Glastonbury appearance.

I know it's harsh with her breast cancer and all. But I didn't want to see her anyway and hope they put somebody good on instead

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May 16th, 2005

05:06 pm - Album Purchase
System of a Down - Mesmerize

Going to see them again in June at the Arena in Manchester and as one of my favourites it's no surprise I bought the latest album which is turning out to be a good listen.

Also bought Hell Is For Heroes - Models for the Program for Kate's jukebox on 7"
Current Music: SOAD - This Cocaine Makes Me Feel Like I'm On This Song

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May 12th, 2005

05:03 pm - 2 more cds
Weezer - Make Believe
Nine Inch Nails - [With Teeth]

Have had a good listen to the prerelease of the new Gorillaz album now and quite liking it. Although it doesn't grab me the way the first album did. That album really set me off on a musical path what with the involvement of Dan the Automator, Deltron and so on... Also can't wait for Mesmerize from System of a Down next week.
Am also thinking about getting a Million Dead album, Natalia reccommended 'A Song to Ruin'
Current Mood: summery
Current Music: The Ordinary Boys - Maybe Someday / Gorillaz - Dirty Harry

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May 7th, 2005

04:10 pm - alexisonfire

Originally uploaded by harry_manback.
Another gig..

Kate and her friend Natalia LOVE this band. Kate bought me the ticket, I listened to the CD and thought hey, actually these really are pretty good. The gig was great we were on the front row. Which wasn't so great as you have to think about things like breathing and such that detracts from just enjoying what's going on onstage.
The gig was coheadlined by riseagainst who I think my require some further listening and there was a funny austrian punk support band called redlight flash. Sometimes I think English in a German accent is so funny. "Are you all having a nice time?!"

As always pictures on flickr. The picture i've posted here is by Natalia, Kate's put some up there also.

P5050014.JPGP5050031.JPGP5050053.JPGDallas Green
Current Mood: tiredtired
Current Music: Alexisonfire - No Transitory

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May 5th, 2005

04:17 pm - Fuse FM
My 'day job' had it's election for the next station manager on tuesday. As production head I was allowed to be involved with the count etc.
Minnie won, she definately had the strongest speech, hence why she's a good DJ. We'll see about being a good manager. She does at least have committee level experience which will help her understand how things work, what can be changed easily and what can't, where our limitations are basically.
The website message board members, well at least one of anyway, are unhappy though. They felt that certain candidates had just brought along as many friends as they could, thereby rigging the vote. All I can say is, they are members of Fuse and get a vote. Not much you can do about it really.

So why didn't I go for it? Well
a) I don't know what i'm doing next year yet
b) I don't like that the whole vote is basically on one speech that is given right before the vote (me being a computer geek would kick in and bad public speaking could take over)

But it's a job I would absolutely love, I think I would do a great job of it. I now have 5 years of radio experience, which is more than anybody at fuse could gain during their degree (with exceptions of masters etc. and Tom, John et al who seem to have been there forever).
Martin, the previous manager had whispered to me before Pete got in that I should go for it someday. But it's a lot of work and I don't think I could sacrifice my degree for it. Basically I think I would only do a good job of it if it was a sabbatical. If it was a sabbatical (like Student Direct is) then I would treat it as it should be, a proper full time job, not something for my CV or to make sure I stay at uni for longer, I would be doing it because of my love of radio, wanting to be involved and because I think it's something I'm actually naturally good at.

Ah well. Dreams.
Current Mood: ok
Current Music: Alexisonfire - Waterwings (And other possible fashion faux p

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