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Korn - dnisbet

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August 26th, 2005

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05:32 pm - Korn

Originally uploaded by dnisbet.
So my friend Dan from my course text's me and asked if I fancied some tickets to Korn.
Kate and I had seen that they were playing a few weeks back and joked about going but alas it was sold out.
So I thought, why not? Having been a fan for a while I was only concerned about the kid factor at the gig. Which wasn't to bad really with us standing where we were.
The band itself did a great set full of our fave's and well played too, they sounded really good, as a band like them should.
An awful choice in support though (P.M.T.) do some bands do this on purpose to make themselves look better?
Also a mystery why they weren't in the M.E.N. but still i'm glad I got the chance to see them in the Apollo.

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