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December 4th, 2005

01:14 am - Ian Brown @ Brixton Academy

Originally uploaded by dnisbet.
To be honest as much as I like Ian Brown and his music and this is the second time i've gone to see him - I don't think the man can sing live anymore.
I was entertained by the set, and yet was dissapointed, it wasn't as good as the last time I saw him in late 2004 at the Apollo Manchester. That time, everybody was into him. They were singing along and his special guests were great - UNKLE and Noel Gallagher.
Whereas for this gig, the london stint of his greatest hits tour there were no special guests. Good songs? Yes. The man is good.

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December 3rd, 2005

07:53 pm - My my my. Where to blog?
I think while i'll still update this livejournal for music stuff, my main blog is going to be over at http://www.iamniz.co.uk.
If you are down with the kids and know what the rss revolution is all about then hit me here: http://dnisbet.umcus.org/mysite/files/page0.xml.
Current Music: Harry Potter film on ITV

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October 17th, 2005

11:24 pm - Reuben @ Academy 3

Reuben @ Academy 3
Originally uploaded by dnisbet.
Woo! Third time around, this time playing stuff from their new album, "Very Fast Very Dangerous"

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September 14th, 2005

10:21 pm
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September 11th, 2005

04:06 pm
Fuse FM has started to accept proposals again for the next broadcast and guess who has to trawl through them all.
I even get emailed everytime somebody sends one in, now that's progress for you.
But seriously, good luck to everyone who writes one, i'll try to judge them all fairly.

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September 4th, 2005

06:43 pm - Pulp Fiction @ Heaton Park

Pulp Fiction @ Heaton Park
Originally uploaded by dnisbet.
Awesome, we found in the end we could do venue pickup on the tickets and so got around the whole posting to billing address fiasco.
Fun lovin' crims played a great set of their own stuff and covers of songs from the film.
Pulp Fiction is one of my favourite films in the whole world. It was so great to see out in the Park with people reacting to it.

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August 26th, 2005

05:32 pm - Korn

Originally uploaded by dnisbet.
So my friend Dan from my course text's me and asked if I fancied some tickets to Korn.
Kate and I had seen that they were playing a few weeks back and joked about going but alas it was sold out.
So I thought, why not? Having been a fan for a while I was only concerned about the kid factor at the gig. Which wasn't to bad really with us standing where we were.
The band itself did a great set full of our fave's and well played too, they sounded really good, as a band like them should.
An awful choice in support though (P.M.T.) do some bands do this on purpose to make themselves look better?
Also a mystery why they weren't in the M.E.N. but still i'm glad I got the chance to see them in the Apollo.

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June 30th, 2005

05:22 pm - Glastonbury

Originally uploaded by dnisbet.
Woo. Yeah it was great. Too many bands seen to list so suppose just peruse them on flickr if you're interested. Mostly saw bands for the second (or more) time around but quite a few for the first.
Great experience, would recommend it to anybody (who can stand the mud).

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June 20th, 2005

02:49 pm - records
A combination of birthday presents and purchases to add to the collection.

Presents (from my sister Hannah):

Reuben - Racecar is Racecar Backwards (signed LP)
Reuben - Stuck In My Throat (7" single 2003)
Kaiser Chiefs - Everyday I Love You Less And Less (7" single 2005)

and then today in town at the Left Legged Pineapple I bought (for 50p each!):

Softcell - Tainted Love (7" single 1981)
The Beatles - I Want To Hold Your Hand (7" single 1963)
Gary Numan - Cars (7" single 1979)

The Softcell and Gary Numan sound great, The Beatles single however seems to be warped causing the needle to jump A LOT for the first half of the song which is a great shame, but it teaches me a fairly new vinyl hunter a few things - check the record before you buy! But for 50p you can't go wrong really.

Also for geek spotters I like the fact that i've managed to find the original Tainted Love after it appeared in Dr. Who on the jukebox there. He he lol.

PS Just put up the tent for airing before wednesday.
Current Music: Gary Numan - Cars, Softcell - Where Did Our Love Go

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June 17th, 2005

12:50 pm - My Birthday

My Birthday
Originally uploaded by dnisbet.
Not strictly music related I know but can you imagine going to the old Hacienda on your birthday?

20 today. Blimey.

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